Friday, February 26, 2016

I did something.

I did something today I'm surely going to regret, or cause a set back.  In my heart I felt it was right at the time.  We will see.   It's been a long time coming.

More later.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jobs, part 1

Here's a wild thought.  If you went to school for accounting, chances are you wanted to be an accountant.  Right?

I got a business degree knowing it's generic enough and a the time, I had no idea.  Not enough experiences because honestly in college there are two types of students.  The "I know" and the "I don't know."  The "I know" kids go off on their merry way (and OK yes sometimes what they thought doesn't always work out, but they had direction).

The "I don't know" kids might seem lost and just gloat along after graduation taking what they can get and so be it.  It doesn't mean they wont find their path along the way, some longer than others.  It shouldn't be expected that a young 20-something should know what they're going to do but coming out of college that was the undeniable pressure that was felt and if you didn't know then society made you feel bad about it.  Going to school, spending that money and not knowing.

I bet you fell into one or the other here.  With or without a college degree at that.  With hard work or by chance, someone took a bet on you and there you are, reading this letter.


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