Friday, July 6, 2012

Kaeng Raeng - Day One

THIS NEVER HAPPENED BUT... I drafted it! Hahhaa, so here it goes.
I began this morning, June 24. This post is being written as the day goes on.

Quick rundown on myself. I am 25 years old, 178lbs, 5'4". I've recently been very into staying fit and watching my weight. I've lost 25 since December 2011.

The first drink I made was Reunn Joyful (strawberry, raspberry, pineapple) and I mixed it with Keifer, coconut water, frozen banana and peaches and some spinach. It was on the thick side, I generally like my smoothies that way.

It was good, I drank half of in the bottle prior to a 4 mile walk and the other half afterward.

It went well, tasted fine. I think that for when I make lunch, I'll make it a bit more liquidy.

I ate a large bowl of veggies after another two miles. I had some yellow pepper, cucumber and carrots. At that moment I wanted to change my mind and quit.

More background - my roommate is having people over for a BBQ later. I'm wicked smart to begin today but some shit in my life hit the fan this morning so I decided today was the day while visions of turkey burgers dance in my head.

I stay drinking water on the daily, I think at this moment (3:09pm), I've drank 80 ounces thus far and see myself drinking at least 2x that the remainder. Water is amazing. I'm sickly addicted.

I went to Stop and Shop to pick up a few items, all fresh veggies and fruit for my adventure here.

I made ---- when I got back. Because my blender is at work, I made it with the magic bullet, and made three packed cups with spinach, blk water, pineapple, pieces of banana, mixed berries, green chille, cottage cheese. I'm not sure if the cottage cheese is acceptable but yogurt is for the mixing part and I have some that will be going bad soon so I'm using it.

It tastes okay, nothing to rave about but also need to zone in on what I want to be mixing these with.

At this point, I want to focus on eyes on the prize but this is hard. I thought I could do it and I hope I can.. need to keep pushing positives in my mind.

Made 2nd small drink and added water for the liquid. I want to quit. This is so hard. I'll make a bowl of veggies to see what happens.

I will be doing a green pepper, celery, carrots, jalapeƱo and tomato. It kills me not to be able to put hot sauce/ tabasco with my veggies cause that's how I eat them. I mean it's just so damn good.

430pm - totally about to give up. I am just so hungry. I can't get even sort of full.

I've only peed 3x today too, even with my daily highly intake of water I usually pee more but not today. Weird.

By 515pm, I am done, I need food.. nauseous, headaches.. sick.

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