Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're gonna love what's buring right in front of you.

Well, I've always had so much ish to talk about.. I signed up and sat on it for a little while, I guess you could say, builing up the courage to let people see my thoughts. I used to blog 24/7, back in 2001-2006...... Remember DeadJournal/LiveJournal......? How about... da da daaa.... the blogs on Myspace? Yeahh, a few years ago, I deleted those.. stupid stupid. I should have kept them for a continuous laugh. They were bad! I mean, I just.. well anyways. The email I had used for Dead/Live.. are my AOL account which is now.... well what ever happened to AOL?

You really don't need to know much about me, because you'd be stuck reading the ramble of nothing to describe myself. You'll soon figure out that I am more complex than a rubix cube. I always have something to say about something or someone.

Yesterday, there was a homeless man outside my building, he was shirtless and hugging a bottle of knock-off Lysterine on a bench, the poor guy.. I left work and went to zipper my bag on a bench, he felt the need to come sit at that bench as I was walking away.. he happen to sit right on top of another person.. funny. I saw him this morning on my walk to the office, stumbling out of a packed Starbucks, throwing the sample cups along the sidewalk and blocking peoples paths zig zagging aroung. He then stopped and began fist pumping.

Where am I going with this? Absolutly nowhere.

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