Monday, December 12, 2011

I don't feel like you are a priority in my life.

Shit, I took a hiatus that is not good, my juices clearly have not been flowing but the kid is back.

What’s happening in the dating experiment you may wonder, why of course.. it’s fricken moving along just fine.

I saw, we’ll call him A2; three times.  He was nice and we got along quietly, he was just way too much too fast and it wasn’t even my fault (this time!). Bragging rights, me thinks so.  We talked to a week on the phone before meeting, we met up and had a loud dinner; I chose a loud place because whatever I wanted to eat there.  Then we had gone to a comedy show a few days later; that was funny.  We then hung out again, did some walking around and such; blah blah. 

He showed up at my job one night in that next week.  He was constantly texting me and questioning why I was being strange when in fact I wasn’t acting any different than I was prior until he started with the non-stop texting.  He required phone calls.  I was not feeling this after three dates.  I told him it wasn’t going to work out and he got upset and demanded I told him why. Um. No I do not owe an explanation so I said something along the lines of, I don’t feel like you are a priority in my life.  I also told him I can only ask him so many times to kindly stop contacting me.

Let’s take it backwards to the A1 (he was mentioned previously about rude comments). He began texting me out of the blue, now I had no idea who it was because I obviously didn’t save his number. I was trying to mess around with him because heck I didn’t know who he was (at the time) and when I kept asking who it was, he didn’t want to tell me.  Anyways, he got real weird.  He started asking me if, ‘I knew who I was talking to?’ Oh yeah? You think so huh?  Among a slew of other rude comments.. I’m going to try and upload that photo for this (I’ll probably forget by the time I publish).

Here we are brings us to F1; nice kid, seems pretty genuine and definitely has that “bad boy” thing going on for him.  I can’t speak to much on it yet because I just can’t.  It’s bizarre-o.. not sure what I am going to do.  I saw him.. 3 times and I’m questioning whether I’ll see him again.  I think I want to which could be a yes because it isn’t a no right now. 

There are a few other potential one time daters I may want to test drive before deciding on what to do about J1; that sounds so bad of me.  Which, it gets worse.. look for next post tomorrow.  Take a peek at “New” and imagine what I’m going to talk about.

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