Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ah, and all is right with the world.

Are you ready for an absolute scatter brain post? Can you follow? Are you sure…?

Please feel free to comment on this incredible topic.. it’s a definite debate that no one really talks about.

There has to be a curiosity in anybody’s day to day on what other people do.  Most people would argue something along the lines of, ‘I don’t care what other people do, it’s so annoying when they post this, that and the other thing on (social networking site or SNS).’  It’s true, at some point or another; anybody will say something to that affect.  Do they really mean it? Is the question.

SNS is EVERYWHERE.  I did a research study on this, an 100 pager in fact.  It was the best in the class and I take pride in that, me and my partner did a great job on it.  We found all sorts facts and tid-bits on what people do on a SNS.  It was fascinating and we even had given out surveys to participants who gave us real life answers.  It was extremely shocking to see some of the results.

So here I am, again pondering the usage of SNS.  There are so many new stories popping up in the news as well.  The Boston Globe today had an almost ridiculous and what I would say.. #ICantBelieveThisIsNews on the COVER (Seriously?) and the link is provided. 

The gist of what I didn’t even want to begin reading is that there are venues ready offer specialty seating to people that find the need to use their phones during a live performance.  I find that completely ridiculous and extremely distracting even so with specialty seating.  REDONKULUZ!

Now, let me just say that I am as #Twiticted as the next however there are many a times I find it inappropriate to even take out a phone in a public setting.  This doesn’t work for me.. not one bit.  No one is that important unless you’re a A List assistant, agent, politician, etc dealing with constant contact and bookings.  #ChildPlease

End (that) rant.

It brings up an interesting view that, we are really TOO connected with one another and people we don’t even know.  Technology is becoming terrifying and I’m honestly afraid to see where this all goes.

I know I’m really into Twitter.  I have two accounts for the main purpose of: this blog and a personal one.  I’ve had the personal one since Twitter first came around.. what was that 08? I never really used it much but somehow I’ve managed over 6k tweets.. I say a lot of useless, random and stupid shit on there.. I figure it this way that no one really actually sees it!  It’s private to non-followers and those who do follow me are people I know basically.. with the exception of a few local businesses.  I don’t have many followers for the reason that I don’t really want people to see what I say, what I do or where I go.

There is the public one, where it’s for this blog and random one-liners I come up with.  My thought is though, who really reads it? I’m going with almost nobody.  There are a few of my friends who I chat with on there when we have something witty to say to one another about what someone posted but other than that we also talk in real life so really, who is reading what I’m saying?

Surly the people that run Twitter but no random requests that people put into follow me, I decline them all and I’m really beginning to get annoyed with the Twitter spam that’s going on BTW.

End (that) rant.

With the point that ‘no one really cares what anybody else is doing’ but finds the need to continually check their SNS is in denial because not only are you skimming to see what friends are doing on say, Facebook but you’re also not realizing that you’re seeing what certain acquaintances are doing too and then there are those people that post every move of their life.  See, I view it as Facebook is a bad outlet to do that in but go to Twitter and no one really gives a sh*t. 

Ah, then all is right with the world.


  1. It has come to my attention that the link actually *MAY* not work. You could Google; Local theaters ready to bow to tweeters in the audience for Boston, MA to see it. It worked when I linked it however now that the Globe is making people pay I have a feeling you can only access it once per computer..

  2. I am constantly checking my phone. Partly because of work, but partly because my mind needs to be occupied. Being bored sucks.

    It is rude if you're with someone though.