Sunday, January 24, 2016

Except for myself.

I wish I could believe people are honest. I wish I could believe the things that we should believe. Like, if they wanted to be together they would be. Right? Sometimes I feel like people think they're stuck if they say they want to be with someone and then change their mind. Why is that? Why is it that no one has a backbone anymore when it comes to love and relationships. If there's even a such thing as love. I feel like were forced to question that every day.

I really do want to believe that love exists, and I want to believe the peoples actions aren't really a reflection of how they actually feel. We all perceive things differently so we might really see what we want to see based on how we feel and not what it's really meant to be.

Sometimes I feel like I trick myself into believing that I shouldn't be happy.  That everyone's motive is to destroy me and so I see what they do and think its a negative action. It's such a dark way to live, because in reality believe me no ones out to get me except for myself.

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