Thursday, November 17, 2011

What kind of website do you think this is?

I love the internet balls I’ve been receiving via messages on said dating website.  If you don’t like what you see nobody is holding people at gunpoint to write a message to somebody on there. I’m certainly not asking people to write rude things to me.
For the sake of exposing my own self to show you how jerky men are in this world, here is what I have in my about me section;

Hiyaa, so why am I here? Why are you here right? I was in a losing battle with a relationship, took a break and now just trying to mingle in and figured I know someone getting married off a dating site meeting so why not me?

I mean, I don't want that now, not jumping into that ship yet but whatever happens, happens.

I enjoy watching the Bruins and the Sox. I go to a handful of games a year, I try to do one Pat's a year too.

I'll be back later with more to write.
I am a jeans and hoodie girl, while I can clean up good I like to be relaxed. You probably won't find me in heels, sorry! (Only on occasion)

I love cooking and I'm a great cleaner upper. Messes bother me so I've become excellent at; "organizing messes" but sometimes things disappear in the trash.. shh. \

I enjoy watching trashy "reality" TV when I'm hanging around or flipping back and forth watching a game.

I don't send pictures, don't ask me about it.. I'm not that girl alright.

I like to watch planes take-off and land; don't hate.. it's fun.

I've recently changed a few things about myself and while I'm working towards a goal (homeownership, potential significant other, etc) I'd love to share my dreams and aspirations with somebody. Working towards something I want with positive people around me is ideal, I haven't always surrounded myself with people who care; lets be real.. who has? But doing a clean-up and tweaking a few things is proving positive. While I can work towards the homeownership solo, it would be nice to share my life with someone else.. isn't that the main objective of this site?

I have a lot of random things I enjoy doing, I don't want to spoil all the fun and tell you so send me a message with something besides; hi, hey, hi hun..etc and maybe we can chat/meet!

Nothing is there that screams; MESSAGE ME AND COMPLAIN TO ME THAT I’M NOT YOUR TYPE!  So.. this is why I am about to share with you all the messages I have received have been atrocious.  I have deleted several already but then decided to stop deleting and I want to show you here just how big these internet balls are.

Here’s a gem I woke up to this morning, you know though it has taken me SO much to hold back from responding to these senseless messages.  I want to fight after it it’s like are you serious dude? Really?  This is what you’re gonna do to try to get with a girl? Would you go up to me in real life at a bar and say; why are you wearing jeans and a hoodie, that isn’t allowed… OMG so here it is.

Sent Date: 11/16/2011 9:55:12 PM from ____ you seemed like you had it going on untill i read your a jeans and hoodie kinda girl. what kind of website do you think this is

What kind of website do I think this is? What kind of website do I think this is? I’m sorry I just have to say that ONE MORE TIME, WHAT KIND OF WEBSITE DO I THINK THIS IS?


I’m floored.. anybody that knows me, knows that I am a fighter when it comes to remarks such as those.. holding back while reading that at 5:30am was really hard but at the same time, it’s really funny that someone would actually write that because AGAIN, nobody is holding anybody at gunpoint forcing anybody to write a message, it’s simple.. 


I’m actually going to change my About Me area and add in that message for an example.  I think it’s merited right there, dudes a gem.

Or how about this one..

Sent Date: 11/17/2011 5:04:44 AM from ____ do you always have a drink in your hand

No sir, I don’t.  One photo in my photos I am holding a drink, one of ten photos.  Fantastic job sir, you haven’t seen my photos and felt the need at 5 in the morning, to write that to me?  I wanted to ask him if he always takes ugly mirror photos since he has one photo up in a dirty dark bathroom but you know, I had to hold back and block user.  They’re winners on here.. really.

There’s one I got at the beginning, I actually met this kid and I was a little unsure of how I felt about it but I’m going to go on about it for the sake of the topic at hand.  He wrote to me this; hey skid mark.  Now, that is no way to start talking to somebody but because it was one of the better messages besides; hey, hi, how you doin, hey sexy..etc I decided to go with it.  I asked him who told him my nick-name.  He said, you’re a bitch you’re not going to get mad at me (bitch is referring to my user name on the site.. yeah I fucked up but with reason).  We ended up messaging and met up one night.  We sat and talked for a few hours in a parking lot and it went kinda well but then he started demanding photos of me via text later on in the week, I wasn’t having it.  I told him I wasn’t that kinda girl and he was barking up the wrong tree; I got a ‘whatever’ and nothing since.  Fine, he was cute but if it’s like that I don’t need it in my life.

I think I’m really trying to just reinvent my dating style.  I am generally a jump into something kinda gal, but I don't meant to be I just get really excited about it and then I get super bored with it and jump out.  

While at the moment I think the only thing I want is to be taken out once in a while, enjoy a conversation and keep it moving, if I find someone I want to continue to see; great. If not, oh well. I have a lot going on in my life and while I do want to get past the things in my past; I’d love to see a future with somebody eventually.  It doesn’t have to be now but putting myself out there won’t hurt either.

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